Sports Courts & Specialty Coatings

Sports Courts

We deliver the services you need to maintain courts for any sport, including basketball, tennis, and pickleball. Our team handles everything from new construction to the maintenance and repaving of existing surfaces. You can rest assured your surface will last for years to come thanks to our durable materials and advanced techniques.

Specialty Coatings

Specialty coatings ensure sports courts and other surfaces achieve optimal durability and grip, which helps athletes enhance their overall performance. Given the varying demands of each sport, we customize our solutions to meet your unique needs.

The Sports Coating Process

Prepare the Surface

We remove all dirt, oil, grease, and other debris from the surface to ensure the new coat adheres properly.

Apply the Coating

We use a spray, roll, or brush to apply the material to the pavement, sometimes applying multiple layers until the desired thickness is achieved.

Cure & Finish

The coating forms a protective seal on the pavement’s surface, preventing damage from debris and other environmental factors. We even out the surface and apply a topcoat to make sure the new rejuvenated pavement lasts as long as possible.
Newly paved Sports Court

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