Why Customer Education Works

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Why Customer Education Works – An Empowerment-Based Approach to Effective Leadership

Let’s talk about education and why it works. One factor that sets Eosso Brothers Paving apart from other competitors is our commitment to customer and community education. We believe it is important to educate people from start to finish and beyond regarding proper pavement maintenance and here are a few reasons why:

Client Trust and Lasting Relationships

Education is part of our commitment to integrity and quality workmanship. By educating our customers on exactly what they need and don’t need, we have been able to build solid client trust, confidence and long-lasting relationships. In fact, our very first customer is still a customer for these exact reasons! Perhaps this is obvious, but it’s important none-the-less: people don’t want to spend money on something they don’t have confidence in and they won’t have confidence in your brand unless you make them feel good about it.

Pavement is not a topic most people are well-versed on, yet it is both a necessity and a huge expense for any residential community or business. Spending a lot of money on something you don’t understand, especially when it is a necessity and not just a want, is almost always a recipe for disaster. A thorough education process with clear, direct communication helps us build client comfort and trust while preventing misunderstandings. The education process helps customers to feel great about their decision.

Leadership-Based Strategy of Empowerment

This is where the wheat is separated from the chafe and a business’ underlying intentions meet the light of day. Let’s be direct: leaders lead, guide and educate from a position of authenticity and passion for their work while charlatans make money promoting fear based tactics, leaving customers in the dark. The underlying motivation of an authentic leader is to empower and educate other people, not make them feel afraid or helpless. How can you be empowered and able to make responsible decisions about your pavement if you have no idea what the process entails? If you are not empowered, how can you feel good about anything?

We are passionate about our work and want you to feel great about it and your decision to work with us. We have found this strategy of empowerment through education leads to us not only retaining long-term customers, but also brings us new fully-engaged clients through referrals. Word of mouth is by far the most effective advertising there is and is also a great compliment of someone’s work! People don’t lie to their friends: what someone says about your business will definitely be based on both your work and how you made them feel during the process.

Our leadership and passion for our work extends beyond educating our customers: we also educate and train industry professionals and make time to teach and speak at industry events. You can even find industry magazine articles written by Eosso Brothers.

Feeling Good Leads to Making Good Decisions

Everything comes back to feeling good in one way or another. The better you feel about something, the better you’ll take care of it. This can relate to anything in life. We educate our customers so you can feel good about our work. If you feel you’ve gotten an awesome product, you’ll undoubtedly want to take care of it. Ongoing routine maintenance is key to making pavement last, so the better you feel about your investment, the more responsible decisions you’ll make long-term in its care. The last thing we want is to be back at your property in 8 years completely redoing your pavement when it could have easily lasted two to three times as long.

Whatever your questions, we’ll do our best to answer them and help you feel empowered through the process.

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